Even prisoners want to lose weight

A few days ago I had a client - prisoner, who wanted to lose weight and change his life style. White male, 55 years old, Lithuanian, he do porridge in the Ireland prison. He spent five years in prison. He did not have health problems, height 185 cm/72.8 in, weight 85 kg/187 lbs, lived an active life prior going to jail. The problem was, that prison was like health resort with good living conditions: sport hall, spacious chamber, road-course meal menu. In jail he gained 15 kg/33 lbs. His weight was 100 kg/220 lbs, BMI 29. He complained of headaches, fatigue. Blood pressure was 135/85 mmHg. In our website My Lovely Diet, he bought meal plan for one month. After one month, he lost 5 kg/11 lbs, but complained of slow effect. We advised him maintaining the diet, because slow effect produces long - term results.

Example of one day meal plan:


  1. Anonymous5/02/2013

    Having been in prison for a few year I can reassure you - there is no way to use any mealplans there.

    1. You can buy products from the local prison store. Healthy eating is not expensive, the most important is to choose wisely.