Case study: diet plan for a truck driver

John is a 56-year-old white man who works as a truck driver. He is on the road every week and recently saw his physician about headaches, dizziness, and insomnia. John generally consumes one or two beers before bedtime and is willing to give up that habit. He was diagnosed as having hypertension, with three blood pressure tests of 160/90, 175/95, and 177/92. His physician gave him a diuretic, Lasix, and a b-blocker (Inderal). John was also given a diet sheet with a brief overview of a no-added-salt diet. We wrote a  personal (according to age, sex, weight, height, culture, physical activity) week's set of menus that John could follow just for 49$, starting with a meal at home for breakfast, at a restaurant for lunch, and from a carryout deli late at night. We suggested healthy snacks in the evening instead of a beer. 

We use regular food that everyone can purchase at most groceries and supermarkets: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruit and crackers. No special food needs to be ordered.

For truck drivers we suggest:
  • Healthy choices at gas stations are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, bananas, and power bars. 
  • Skip the soda and get water.
  • Grocery stores provide fruit, vegetables, salads, soup, juice and sandwiches. 
  • Stores also provide healthier alternatives to common snack foods, like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, as well as baked potato chips instead of regular potato chips.
  • Trail mix is a great snack. 
  • Many truckers eat out of sheer boredom. If this is you, pack carrot sticks, celery, and cucumber. These foods are low in calories, but take a long time to chew. Otherwise, chew on gum.
  • Sandwiches made with 100% whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, and lean meats like low-sodium turkey breast or grilled chicken breast.


  1. Anonymous2/08/2013

    Any suggestion on staying awake without a galon of coffe for entire night?

  2. Hot chocolate will give you a bit of a lift, and the warm, cozy feeling you get from coffee sans the jolt. And an iced chocolate on a warm day is almost as lovely a treat as an iced coffee.