Daily menu with all required vitamins

Start your day with a rich breakfast.
Just one cup of cereals (54 g), one glass of milk, low fat, (250 ml) and you'll be satiated and full of energy until lunch.

Obtain sufficient quantities of vitamins from fruits.
A wise choice of the day is: 1 medium banana, 1 large apple and 1 oz almonds, whole kernels.

For the lunch or dinner you could choose:
turkey breast meat, 2 slices (50 g) with mushroom sauce, 1 cup (160 g),
1 large mashed potato (300 g),
1 slice of whole wheat bread (45 g),
Baby spinach, 1 cup (30 g).

So, here is a daily menu with all required vitamins.


  1. Anonymous3/27/2013

    Can you list amounts of specific vitamins provided by this diet daily?

  2. This diet contains all the necessary vitamins. More about vitamins you can read in vitamins section