For your eyes only - Vitamin A

Vitamin A is absorbed passively and must be transported with dietary lipid. It tend to be found in the lipid portions of the cell such as membranes and lipid droplets. It is  excreted with the feces, via enterohepatic circulation.

Vitamin A has essential but separate roles in vision and various systemic functions, including normal cell differentiation and cell surface function, growth and development, immune functions, and reproduction. 


Adults 700-900 RAE (1 mcg of retinol)/day

Pregnant 750-770 RAE/day

Lactating 1200-1300 RAE/day

Adolescents 600-900 RAE/day 

Vitamin A in selected foods

Turkey, 1 cup, (15,534 RAE)

Sweet potato, baked, 1 small (7,374 RAE)

Carrots, raw, `1 cup (5,553 RAE)

Squash, butternut, 1 cup (2,406 RAE)

Apricots, canned, 1 cup (1,329 RAE)

Brussel sprouts, 1 cup (430 RAE)

Tomatoes, 1 cup (450 RAE) 

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency:

Night blindness

Dry, scaly and rough skin

Respiratory infections 

Signs of vitamin A toxicity

Bone pain and fragility

Dry skin

Brittle nails

Hair loss



Ascites and portal hypertension

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